Commentary on the Makings of a Psychopath

In the previous post I shared an article that details "successful" treatments of children and teenagers who would more than likely qualify for diagnosis of Psychopath.  In "When Your Child Is a Psychopath" the treatments involved were very promising from a statistical point of view.  For the individuals who received treatment at the specific facility, … Continue reading Commentary on the Makings of a Psychopath

Makings of a Psychopath

There is quite a lot of unpack in the article listed below.  Narcissism, Sociopathology, and Psychopathology all have the common trait of a lack of empathy.  In this regards, even though they are separate disorders, we can address several of the common traits between them. When Your Child Is A Psychopath The article is a … Continue reading Makings of a Psychopath

Celebrity Narcissist #1

*All Celebrity Narcissist entries reflect the author's opinion only and do not reflect the opinion of a professional.  Only publicly available knowledge is used in the amateur assessment.* Back in 2007 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline separated after having two children.  As the tabloids and media presented, Britney then went on a rampage.  She exhibited … Continue reading Celebrity Narcissist #1

Chris Wallace and his daughter’s stories

"Fox News host Chris Wallace said Thursday that two of his daughters revealed in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that they endured previously undisclosed incidents when they were in high school." As men, it's easy to choose to not see the damage that can be caused even to … Continue reading Chris Wallace and his daughter’s stories